A Space to Be Community

Our new online home


What is A Space to Be Community?

This is our new online home for Lucy's video and audio content. There is also a members notice board for keeping in touch and lots of other exciting features we are not sure how to use yet. Please join and help us learn!


Who is this for?

Right now this is for those of you already attending our classes and workshops, whether it is every week or on an occasional basis. We would like to build this community together. In the future we hope you may invite some friends.


What is included?

Video and audio practices which you can stream online or download to your computer, tablet or phone.


Can I get this app on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! You can access all the content from a computer, or via the browser on your phone and tablet. Very soon this will also be an App, available via the Apple App store and Google Play.


How do I access the content offline?

You will need an internet connection when you first access the content, but there is also an option to download the content and use offline within the app (once it is available in the App stores).


Is it really free?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to create a free account and get started with yoga at home. As a founding member you will get lifetime access to a large archive of video classes and guided relaxations.


Will I have to pay in the future?

The basic membership and content will ALWAYS be free. There will however be options in the future to subscribe to new courses and workshops.


Can I still access YouTube, Thinkific and Soundcloud?

Yes, all the content on these sites will remain for the time being, but new content will be accessible via this app only. Some of the guided relaxations on Soundcloud will be deleted because we are no longer paying for that service.


Do I need to be technical to use this app?

We don't think so, but if you run into trouble just give us a call or email and we'll try to help. Call us at home on 01665581431.


Do I have to sign up today?

Please sign up by Friday 21 January if you would like to receive all the benefits of being a free Founding Member. After that date, some of the content will only be visible on a paid subscription.

A Space to Be

Who We Are

Lucy and Henry Maresh are the co-creators of A Space to Be Yoga Retreat in Shilbottle, Northumberland. Lucy is a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Henry works behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What We Do

We provide bespoke high quality, healing and relaxing experiences to help you slow down, breathe deeply, and find contentment in the joy of ‘just being.’

Where We Live

We are based just outside Alnwick near to the Northumberland Coast Area of Natural Beauty. You can visit us at home for in person yoga and massage, or stay in our Airbnb for a bespoke retreat.

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